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Updated August 31, 2015

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Ancient Iguana Discovery Could Solve Mysteries Of Lizard Evolution

News Every day

They have discovered a new species of lizard that dwelt in Southern Brazil not too long back---just 80 million years ago. They could indeed help to ...

Bizarre bone discoveries beneath ancient British village -


The evidence of the hybrid beasts unearthed in the remains of the village in Dorset point to Britain's ancient Celtic population having some form of ...

Why Did Scientists Mistake This Ancient Bird Egg For A Dinosaur Egg?


Back in 2008, paleontologists discovered what appeared to be the fossilized egg of a horned dinosaur. A new study has re-identified it as belonging to ...

Ancient Urns or Drinking Vessels for Giants? Behind the Mysterious Plain of Jars in Laos


Stonehenge inspires awe, but there's an even more mysterious ancient scene in Laos. The Plain of Jars consists of thousands of prehistoric stone ...

Ancient pearl dated as 2000 years old in WA's Kimberley region

ABC Online

Associate Professor Kat Szabo said the pearl is "irreplaceable" because it is the only one ever recovered from an ancient site in Australia. "A pearl has ...

Skin tissue preserved on a 2 MILLION-year-old fossil could be oldest

Daily Mail

He described the early human as a new species that he called Australopithecus sediba and is thought to be a transitional species between earlier ...

Meet the flying dinosaurs and ancient mammals that once roamed Asia!

Asian Scientist Magazine

Paleobiologists have identified a new species of flying reptile that lived over 120 million years ago in the Aptian Jiufotang Formation in northeastern ...

Ancient seashells were way cooler than modern ones


While the classification of the new species has not yet been fully completed, Hendricks said that they had been “assigned to three genera of cone ...

Richard III: ancient DNA solves a 500-year-old mystery

BMC Blogs Network (blog)

The discovery was only the start of a complex process to prove the skeleton's identity. A process with genetics and the recovery of ancient DNA at its ...

Students and geology professor research ancient marine animal

Appalachian State University

Through the use of technology, Nguyen and White have created 3D models of the ancient marine animal, as well as computer simulations showing ...

Ring brings ancient Viking, Islamic civilizations closer together

Science News

An inscription on the glass inset reads either “for Allah” or “to Allah” in an ancient Arabic script, the researchers report February 23 in Scanning.

Discovery Of 8000-Year-Old Wheat Could Rewrite Ancient British History


A DNA analysis of wheat found in an ancient peat bog suggests early Britons were more commercially sophisticated than previously thought.

Mummified Monk Sits Inside Ancient Buddha Statue

Discovery News

Researchers at the Drents Museum in the Netherlands made a shocking discovery when they imaged an ancient Chinese statue and found a nearly ...

Cradle of Mankind in Danger of Losing Ancient Cultures and Lands to Foreign Corporations

Ancient Origins

The Ecologist reports the valley and its inhabitants are now in jeopardy, as a land grab of “twice the size of France” is swallowing up indigenous areas ...

Oldest Fur Seal Fills 5-Million-Year Gap In Evolutionary History of Sea Lions And Fur Seals

Tech Times

The researchers have named the new species of the fur seal Eotaria crypta. The researchers also say that it is still a mystery that only one fossil of th

Evidence of Viking Outpost Found in Canada (Photos)

For the past 50 years—since the discovery of a thousand-year-old Viking way station in Newfoundland—archaeologists and amateur historians have combed North America's east coast searching for traces of Viking visitors.

Fossil found by fisherman may reveal new type of ancient human


(CNN) A fossilized human jawbone discovered by a Taiwanese fisherman, sold to an antique shop, then recovered by researchers may reveal a new ...

Tales of Ancient Sea Rise Told for 10000 Years

Climate Central

That's the conclusion of linguists and a geographer, who have together identified 18 Aboriginal stories — many of which were transcribed by early ...

Rome: Colosseum's 'ancient seating plan' revealed

International Business Times UK

Ongoing restoration work at the Colosseum in Rome, Italy has uncovered traces of red painted numerals in the arches of the amphitheatre, which ...

The secrets of ancient Egypt unravelled in Shrewsbury

If you have ever wondered why the ancient Egyptians insisted on wrapping their dead in bandages, filling tombs with ornate trinkets, or how they ...

Ancient water distribution system found under Union Pacific Railroad tracks

The Pasadena Star-News

Archaeologists in San Gabriel have uncovered an important piece of Southern California's history: the foundation to an ancient water distribution ...

X-Rays may reveal ancient secrets in scrolls of Pompeii


Ancient scrolls fused into brittle sticks of charcoal by the volcano that destroyed Pompeii can now be read thanks to a sophisticated form of X-ray scan, ...

Scientists find fossil of ancient reptile mother caring for her babies

Christian Science Monitor

The fossilized remains of a small aquatic reptile surrounded by six babies suggest that the extinct animal was caring for the little ones when they died, ...

Oldest Gospel Found In Mummy Mask: How Ancient Text Ended Up In 2000-Year-Old Egyptian ...

International Business Times

Getting to the ancient papyrus documents involves separating the paper mache by dissolving the glue that holds them together. However, not ...

Stories From The Sky: Astronomy In Indigenous Knowledge

The Awakened Wire

... home of the Wergaia people. Alex Cherney, CC BY-NC-ND Indigenous Australian practices,... ... Pure, Unfiltered News. The Awakened Wire.

Thousands of ancient coins discovered in Buckinghamshire field

BBC News

Metal detector enthusiasts in Buckinghamshire have uncovered what is thought to be one of biggest hoards of ancient coins ever found in Britain.

Ancient Greek amulet with strange palindrome inscription discovered in Cyprus

Ancient Origins

Archaeologists in Cyprus have unearthed a 1,500-year-old amulet in the ancient city of Nea Paphos in Cyprus, which contains a curious palindrome ...

Legendary Lia Fáil - The Coronation of High Kings in Ancient Ireland

Ancient Origins

It is a menhir, or upright standing stone, and many such prehistoric stones were thought to be magical by later cultures. The ancient history of the stone ...

Mystery of Ancient Chinese Civilization's Disappearance Explained

Yahoo News

An earthquake nearly 3,000 years ago may be the culprit in the mysterious disappearance of one of China's ancient civilizations, new research ...

Potential Signs of Ancient Life in Mars Rover Photos?

Astrobiology News (press release)

The article, "Ancient Sedimentary Structures in the <3.7 Ga Gillespie Lake Member, Mars, that Compare in Macroscopic Morphology, Spatial ...

Greenpeace again offends indigenous people

Before It's News

Greenpeace likes to pretend it's on the side of local people, especially indigenous peoples. But time and again they demonstrate a shocking degree of ...

The Mighty Wall of Hadrian, Emperor of Rome

Ancient Origins

Built by Emperor Hadrian of the Roman Empire, Hadrian's Wall stretches across the width of England south of its modern border with Scotland.

5 Ancient Skeletons Found in Shackles


(Newser) – Investigating an ancient Roman burial site in southwest France, researchers came upon a creepy find: Five skeletons—one of them a ...

Ancient Ephesus: A mirror of modern culture?

Ruins at Ephesus, an ancient city in Asia Minor, now part of Turkey. ... The ancient city of Ephesus is one of the most intriguing biblical cities and one to .

Ancient coins found in Greece's mystery tomb


Coins featuring the face of Alexander the Great have been found at the largest tomb ever unearthed in Greece, where archaeologists are hunting for ...

Creaky joints, sick leave, endless paperwork: Ancient Egyptian health care sounds surprisingly ...

Washington Post

When archaeologist Anne Austin began to explore an ancient Egyptian village where residents were beneficiaries of what she calls "the world's first ...

Rhino horse, a 'missing link,' could solve 55-million-year-old mystery

Los Angeles Times

So, paleontologists are fanning out to other mines in search of more ancient layers that might hold fossils that could fill in the mystery of the origin of ...

Ancient Martian civilisation was wiped out by nuclear bomb-wielding aliens - and they could attack ...

Daily Mail

Because that's when plasma physicist Dr John Brandenburg will present his theory that an ancient civilisation on Mars was wiped out by a nuclear ...

Ancient DNA sheds light on the origin of Europeans

The Conversation AU

Much of the evidence of where the first Europeans came from was originally derived from comparisons of skulls but our work looking at ancient DNA is ...

Archaeologists dig at ancient site on the edge of Syrian war zone

The Australian

ARCHEOLOGY and war don't usually mix, yet that's been the case for years at Karkemish, an ancient city along the Turkey-Syria border where an ...

Latrines, Sewers Show Varied Ancient Roman Diet

ABC News

Archaeologists noted that some types of mollusk shells found in the sewers of Herculaneum came from the ancient town's beach. Notable exceptions ...

Ancient jellyfish died a strange death

Science News for Students

Only recently did Graham Young and another expert reconstruct the ancient animal's bizarre final moments. Young is a paleontologist at Canada's ...

Ice age burial ground found in Alaska

Beta Wired

1 Archaeologists have found new information about the first residents of North America after finding an ancient burial ground for infants. Advertisement. The archaeologists found the burial ground in the Upward Sun River site in central Alaska, one of the ...

Unborn Foal Discovered In 47-Million-Year-Old Horse Fossil

Huffington Post

When paleontologists discovered the 47-million-year fossil of a prehistoric horse in 2000, they didn't yet realize a rare treasure was hidden inside. Now, high-resolution X-ray technology has revealed the Eurohippus messelensis mare was pregnant. In fact ...

'Missing link' found for spectacular ancient sea reptiles


Fossil remains showing the first amphibious ichthyosaur found in China by a team led by a University of California at Davis (UC Davis) scientist are ...

Childhood in ancient Rome: 2000-year-old Papyri reveal 'scout clubs' and young slaves with the ...

Daily Mail

Ancient papyri show that wealthy Roman children (illustrated in this Mosaic from late antiquity rising on a camel) were enrolled in a youth organisation ...

The 37,000-year-old remains of a Russian man known as Kostenki 14 have yielded DNA that helps show how humans spread throughout ancient ...

Ancient Russian's DNA sheds light on Neanderthal interbreeding - Reuters

Ancient and Modern Europeans Have Surprising Genetic Connection - Live Sci

Photos: Ancient Animal Footprints Found at Diamond Mine in Angola

Live Science

Evidence of 118-million-year-old animal tracks suggests that the Catoca diamond mine in Angola was once a vastly different environment. It's likely ...

Thousands of Precious Objects Unearthed in Ancient Mexican City of Teotihuacan


Archeologists in Mexico have announced an unprecedented find of at least 50,000 relics in a previously unexplored tunnel beneath a key pyramid and ...

Ancient Stone Circles In Middle East Have Archaeologists Scratching Their Heads

Huffington Post

For decades, archaeologists have had little luck in their effort to make sense of ancient stone rings that dot the landscape in Jordan and Syria.

Divers from Florida help after ancient wreck discovered

WTSP 10 News

<137>The technical divers, trained in Florida's labyrinth of underwater caves, descended 410 feet to the wreck site to retrieve many of the ancient ...

In Mexico, Archaeologists Find Incredible Relics In Ancient Tunnel

U.S. News & World Report

19, 2013 photo, released by Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), shows sculptures unearthed by investigators at the ...

The Mystery of Veche 's Demise

Institute of Modern Russia

At first glance, the demise of Veche magazine might seem like ancient history. Yet the largest nationalist samizdat (i.e., self-published) magazine ...

90 million-year-old turtle found in New Mexico

He was surprised to learn that he had led scientists to the site of an ancient ... But 90 million years ago, the landscape was much different, says Tom Suazo, one of four scientists with the New Mexico Museum of Natural History who ...