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Updated October 28th 2021

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October 6th, 2021 (more news below)

Four healthy wolves were shot, a big shame on the Skansen Zoo

The four wolves kept at Skansen/Zoo in Stockholm, Sweden were killed on Wednesday morning. The Zoo has decided not to keep wolves anymore due to they are not concerned as a threatened species.

What made the Zoo keeping on breeding them when they knew since years the wolves one day were going to be killed with a bullet. The eldest was four and a half year, the other three one and a half year only.



Bird flu strikes endangered South African cormorants | Africanews


Bird flu is ravaging South Africa's endangered Cape cormorants, killing as much as five percent of the world's remaining population, ...


Research shows that establishing fishing quotas and closing some areas to fishing can help rebuild threatened populations. Wade VanderWright, The ...

Fisherman catches 19-armed endangered starfish in crab trap: 'Making a comeback'

Yahoo News

Fisherman catches 19-armed endangered starfish in crab trap: 'Making a comeback'. Cortney Moore ... Famed gorilla dies at 35 in Congo park.

A chlamydia vaccine to treat koalas is being rolled out by Australian researchers in a trial they say could play a significant role in the long-term survival of the species.

A chlamydia vaccine to treat koalas is being rolled out by Australian researchers in a trial they say could play a significant role in the long-term survival of the species.

The ugly truth about the wild horse issue - Sierra Nevada Ally

Sierra Nevada Ally

Once again, the livestock industry is painting wild horses into the role ... which inhabit such lands, particularly endangered wildlife species.

African elephant species now Endangered and Critically Endangered - IUCN Red List | IUCN

International Union for Conservation of Nature - IUCN

The African forest elephant (loxodonta cyclotis) is listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List. The species occurs in the tropical forests ...

11 of the world's most threatened forests | Stories | WWF


But large swaths of these forests, and many others around the world, ... forests provide—like jobs, clean water, habitat for endangered species and wood for ..

New survey nearly doubles Grauer's gorilla population, but threats remain - Mongabay


Endemic to the eastern DRC, Grauer's gorillas are still classed as critically endangered, and face threats due to mining and bushmeat hunting. The large numbers ...

Where did the wolf pack in northwest Colorado go? Its fate remains a mystery.

The Colorado Sun

In the winter of 2020, Colorado Parks and Wildlife announced the area also ... The federal Endangered Species Act also protected wolves in Colorado until ...

local bee species becoming endangered following recent bushfires - NBN News

NBN News

Two species are now classed as endangered, and another nine are listed as vulnerable. About 30 percent of their habitat was destroyed in the 2019-2020 ...

Endengered species of india - SlideShare


Endengered species of india. 1. By : Apoorvo Chakraborty NEXT; 2. Endangered Species of IndiaList of Endangered species of IndiaEffects of extinction on the ...

Congressman pushes to re-establish manatees as 'endangered' - FOX 13 Tampa Bay

FOX 13 Tampa Bay

Push to make Florida's manatees endangered species. Dan Matics reports. SARASOTA, Fla. - Florida's manatee population continues to dwindle at an alarming rate, ...

Five things we can do to save the endangered Florida panther

Florida Insider

Endangered Florida Panther – Courtesy: Shutterstock – Image by jo Crebbin. So far this year, 24 endangered Florida panthers have died, an average of more ...

Courier Express, Penn State DuBois again partnering on endangered species series | Local ...

The Courier-Express

Endangered species are organisms that are very likely to become extinct in the near future. Most causes for endangerment are human induced.

Swarm of bees kill more than 60 endangered penguins in South Africa - Fox 29

FOX 29 News Philadelphia

SOUTH AFRICA - More than 60 endangered African penguins were apparently killed by a swarm of bees in South Africa last week, in what bird conservationists ..

An Ancient Lineage: Indian Wolf Among World's Most Endangered and Distinct Wolves


Stemming from an ancient lineage, Indian wolves are one of the most evolutionarily distinct and endangered gray wolf populations.

Faroe Islands: Anger over killing of 1,400 dolphins in one day - BBC News

BBC News

The practice of dolphin hunting in the Faroe Islands has come under scrutiny after more than 1,400 of the mammals were killed in what was believed ...

Another deadly year for Latin America's environment defenders - Buenos Aires Times

Buenos Aires Times

Seven of the 10 deadliest countries for land and environmental defenders were in Latin America, with 165 killings recorded, though Global Witness

'Spiralling out of control': NSW failing to remove feral horses quick enough - Brisbane Times

Brisbane Times

Conservation director for the Invasive Species Council James Trezise ... the threat they pose to already endangered species including the southern ...

The young Vietnamese helping tackle the illegal wildlife trade | Environment News | Al Jazeera

In Vietnam itself, safeguarding wildlife is also a challenge. Some of the critically endangered species, according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened ...

Zoo Atlanta gorillas test positive for COVID-19 virus

ATLANTA - Multiple gorillas at Zoo Atlanta have tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19.

24 Endangered Animals Killed In Kaziranga National Park Amid Assam Floods -

India Times

The forest officials have rescued 4 animals till now and that includes an endangered 10-day old male rhino calf. At least 24 endangered animals have been killed ...

First underwater footage of critically endangered Angelshark recorded in Wales - Sky News

Sky News

Scientists have recorded footage of a juvenile Angelshark in the UK for the first time, offering hope that the critically endangered species is breeding in ...


The revelation came in the IUCN's updated Red List assessment on endangered wildlife, which was released at the body's World Conservation Congress in ...


Scientists Bring Back To Life A Ferret That Died In 1988, What Could Go Wrong? -

India Times

This was the first effort in the U.S. to clone an endangered species to help it ... scientists cloning dead animals just to bring them back from extinction.

Mountain Gorilla | Gorillas | WWF - World Wildlife Fund

World Wildlife Fund

The critically endangered mountain gorilla population is threatened by habitat loss, poaching, disease and war. Learn more about what WWF is doing to ...

Biden breaks pledge to Indian Country by keeping wolves off endangered list - Roll Call

Roll Call

The wolf is integral to the land-based identity of Native Americans and should be relisted as an endangered species, Allis writes.

Kenya hails anti-poaching efforts in first wildlife census - France 24


The population of African savanna elephants plunged by at least 60 percent in the last half century, prompting their reclassification as "endangered" in the

Researchers spot a 'golden' bear while studying endangered spectacled bears in Peru ...

Science Daily

A team of researchers studied the population of the endangered species in Northern Peru. By identifying individuals through facial patterns, they were able ..

Endangered Mexican Gray Wolf Roaming Near Flagstaff Captured And Relocated - KNAU

KNAU Arizona Public Radio

Arizona wildlife officials have captured and relocated an endangered Mexican gray wolf near Flagstaff. It spent months in the area but biologists and others ...

Gloucestershire crayfish plague fear after native species found dead - BBC News

BBC News

... fatal to the invasive species or to humans or animals, it has killed off white-clawed crayfish to the point where they are now an endangered species.

Not just for humans — scientists turn to vaccines to save endangered species - Mongabay

Vaccines developed for animals, including rabies or swine fever shots, ... Prairie dogs are the key prey species of endangered black-footed ferrets (Mustela ...

Biden Backs The End Of Protections For Wolves. But Worries About Hunting Grow - NPR


The removal of Endangered Species Act protections had been in the works for years ... a lawsuit from wildlife advocates that seeks to restore protections, ...

rail builders blast in chimp habitat, no plan to protect apes - WTVB


... started blasting a railway tunnel in a habitat for a critically endangered chimpanzee species with no plan in place to manage the impact on the animals, ..

Wildfires ravaging Europe threaten 'countless' animals | Daily Sabah

Daily Sabah

Record-breaking heatwaves triggered deadly forest fires across Europe and the U.S. this year that destroyed everything in their path and endangered ..

Scientists track down rare mammal thought wiped out by Australian bushfires


All up, 21 of the mammals were found alive and still breeding in burnt forest south of Gladstone. The survival of this species is doomed from the moment ...

Culture shock: how loss of animals' shared knowledge threatens their survival

The Guardian

The critically endangered whale clings on, but much of the species' cultural knowledge is now extinct. Whales are among the many animals known to ..

Science Magazine

... which until January were protected under the federal Endangered Species ... hunt, even though officials had capped the legal kill at 119 animals.

.How we're saving our threatened Aussie species

Daily Telegraph

... said Abi Smith from the Threatened Species Conservancy, an organisation established specifically to champion the endangered animals who might ...

China elephants: Trekking herd forces 150000 people to evacuate

BBC News

The protected animals left a nature reserve in Yunnan about 17 months ago. Since then ... The Asian elephant is an endangered species. China has ...

Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area

World Atlas

... history, with a wide range of endemic plants and animals, many of which are rare and endangered, that live in pristine and diverse habitats.

'Sacred' elk: How California's drought is altering the debate over Point Reyes herds

Fresno Bee

Tule elk are not considered endangered or protected under the Endangered Species Act. There is no “protection on a federal level” for tule elk — they ...

To save a huge, 24-armed sea creature, scientists become loving foster parents

OPB News

It's a desperate attempt to save the endangered animals from disappearing completely. Dennis Wise / University of Washington. THANKS TO OUR ...

The Fight to Save Lake Superior's Last Caribou

Sierra Magazine

The animals around Lake Superior are boreal woodland caribou—a ... under Canada's Species At Risk Act and Ontario's Endangered Species Act.

Lawsuit Challenges Seismic Oil, Gas Testing in Gulf of Mexico

Center for Biological Diversity

Most at risk is an endangered whale species with just 50 surviving ... the ocean and to disrupt marine animals on a vast scale, impairing their ability to ...

 Indian Bison, on the `Red'' list of endangered animals find herds increasing in Tripura''s Trishna ...

Outlook India

... habitats the wild Indian Bison or `Gaurs, the largest among wild cattle around the world, has been on the `Red'' list of endangered animals for long.

Scientists turn to eDNA to curtail the freshwater extinction crisis

The team took water samples from 20 sites and detected DNA from nearly 170 species, including the endangered pygmy hippo. They also picked up the ..

Without room to expand, mountain gorillas' population growth could backfire

But the species' entire population is confined to protected parks in these ... status of mountain gorillas from critically endangered to endangered.

A 'zoo' with a difference helping endangered animals

... Extinction Trail, a large open area that contains a wide range of metal sculptures depicting some of the worlds most endangered animal species.

Testament to survival

Global Times

However, the expansion of poaching at the turn of the 20th century tested the endangered animal's famous talent for survival. Around the time of the ...

A turtle story: Saving the species on Turkey's coast

Daily Sabah

... as protected areas for these endangered species, but the truth is that these turtles' actually nest in dozens of beaches along Turkey's southern coast.

Why Do So Many Humans Hate Wolves?

Discover Magazine

.. species from list of endangered species list in the contiguous states, ending 45 years of federal ... “Wolves are incredibly powerful, symbolic animals.



Another baby: 8th endangered orca spotted in Puget Sound

U.S. News & World Report

Decades ago, there were more than 140 of the unique animals known as southern resident killer whales. That number declined to a low of 71 in the ...

WTH?! Minnesota Petting Zoo Exposed for Killing Endangered Gray Wolves for Their Fur

One Green Planet

“Fur-Ever Wild shows contempt not only for the lives of magnificent endangered animals but also for federal law,” said Stephen Wells, executive ...

Breeding health of manta rays, whale sharks threatened by marine microplastics

ABC Online

Researcher Ellie Germanov has embarked on a PhD project through Murdoch University to determine whether filter-feeding animals were being ...

Mother Nature Network

10 national animals that are rare, unusual, endangered or completely nonexistent

Mother Nature Network

From the dodo to the Komodo dragon to folkloric winged horses, we've assembled a motley menagerie of unusual and/or threatened national animals ...  

NIH ends era of US medical research on chimpanzees

Washington Post

Director Francis Collins announced Wednesday that 50 chimpanzees held by the government for medical research will be sent to sanctuaries.

Scientists set up a 'Frozen Ark' to preserve the DNA of endangered animals

Daily Mail

Scientists have set up a project to preserve the DNA of endangered species before they disappear as the Earth undergoes what experts are calling the ...

Nuts to you! Squirrel gets off endangered species list


(CNN) Forget about gathering nuts. A rare species of squirrel has gathered new life. The Delmarva Peninsula fox squirrel, one of the animals on the ...

Endangered, Threatened Animals Among 1.2 Million Killed By American 'Trophy' Hunters Since 2000

NBC Bay Area

American hunters abroad routinely kill endangered and threatened animals for sport, and then ship the wildlife home to the United States to be ...

Endangered Borneo Orangutans Find Relief at Indonesia's International Animal Rescue ...

Nature World News

In attempt to save the endangered animals, organizations like Indonesia's International Animal Rescue (IAR) are setting up rehabilitation centers to ...

Illegal Pot Farms Are 'Silently Killing' Endangered Wildlife


“These poisons are silently killing our country's most majestic wildlife by indiscriminately causing animals to literally bleed to death from the inside out,” ...

Wainuiomata man leads the fight to save the endangered Whitaker skink

As with many other endangered plants and animals, DoC has limited funding and it is hard to get the public enthusiastic about a lizard that only comes ...

Endangered Birds: Puffins Join Threatened Species List

Nature World News

Atlantic puffins are also threatened by pollution events such as oil spills, ... by nearly one third, which makes the animals vulnerable to extinction.

Geometric Tortoise Conservation: Endangered Rare Animal Get New Home [PHOTOS]

Nature World News

The Rainforest Trust along with the Turtle Conservancy and South African Turtle Conservation Trust (SATCT) recently created a new reserve known as ...

African lion populations could be cut in half by 2035

CBS News

They are threatened by widespread habitat loss, depletions in available ... and that the majestic animals may lose their venerated status at the top of ...

Can Genetic Engineering Save Endangered Rhinos?

Trade bans are a popular way of helping many endangered animals that suffer at the hands of poachers, including elephants, who are targeted for ...

Good news for India's blind river dolphins

Earth Touch

The survey results highlight interesting patterns that could help us protect the these endangered animals in the coming years. And because the ...

Florida panthers an iconic, endangered species caught in crosshairs of controversy

Florida Times-Union

Florida's iconic official state animal is at a crossroad in its survival. ... other Southeastern states before it can be removed from the endangered species ...

CNMI disagrees with endangered list

Radio New Zealand

Among the plants and animals in the CNMI and Guam listed as endangered are the Mariana wandering butterfly, Langford's tree snail, and the ...

The Guardian

Marine life halved: Brian Skerry's rare images of most endangered – in pictures

He's snapped the sub-marine world of Mexico, remote coral reefs in the central South Pacific, and countless endangered animals. Touring Australia ...

Plan Made To Save Endangered Wyoming Toad


Listed as endangered in 1984, the Wyoming toad is considered one of the four most endangered amphibian species in North America and is currently ...

Scientists build 'frozen zoo' to save endangered species


The RBC said it will make sperm from stem cells, a process that will replace current endangered species breeding techniques, which researchers say ...

Feds Move to Protect Endangered Species from Fishing Nets

Public News Service

Gray whales can drown when caught in a drift gillnet. Monday, the feds put swordfishermen who use the nets on notice. Credit: National Oceanic and ...

Tourists interrupt endangered turtle reproduction season in Costa Rican beach

Tourists swarming a wildlife refuge in Costa Rica have disrupted the nesting of numerous sea turtles. Hundreds of tourists stood in the way of the olive ...

Mountain Gorilla: An endengered animal

Judit Subirana

Mountain Gorilla: An endengered animal. The Mountain Gorilla is feeding her baby mountain gorilla. Some mammals are becoming extinct in our ...

Eastern cougars extinct, not endangered, US Fish and Wildlife Service announces

Charleston Gazette

The eastern cougar subspecies was listed as endangered in 1973. Extinct animals and plants can't be protected under the Endangered Species Act ...

All Chimps Endangered

Courthouse News Service

Captive chimps were previously classified as threatened under the ESA ... endangered or threatened, for wild and captive animals within the same ...

Saiga antelope joins the critically endangered status


This puts the animal firmly back into a critically endangered status and extinction ... Syndrome and toxaemia/septicaemia which is killing the animals?

Hunting in South Dakota: 4 Animals Designated Nongame, Endangered, Threatened, and ...


These animals are protected because they are either endangered or threatened or have been designated as nongame for some other reason, making ...

Hunting in Montana: 6 Animals Designated Nongame, Endangered, Threatened, and Protected ...


Hunting enthusiasts in Montana have more than 30 million acres of public land on which to hunt numerous types of game, but several species are off ...

Critically Endangered Sawfish Resort To 'Virgin Births' To Avoid Extinction

International Business Times

“Vertebrate animals that we always thought were restricted to reproducing via ... “Parthenogenesis could help endangered species like sawfish dodge ...

Hunting in Nevada: 4 Animals Designated Nongame, Endangered, Threatened, and Protected ...


Hunting in Nevada is a diverse experience thanks to the range of big-game and small-game animals and game birds that populate the Sagebrush ...

Court upholds changes to Ontario endangered species rules

CTV News

TORONTO - An Ontario court has upheld changes to Ontario's Endangered Species Act that environmental groups say threaten the animals and ...

Hunting in Rhode Island: 4 Animals Designated Nongame, Endangered, Threatened, and ...


Rhode Island is home to several of the most prized game animals, including deer and turkey. However, dozens of others are deemed endangered, ...

Texas Hunter Claims Killing Endangered Species Is Good for Conversation

The question of where that money ends up and whether nations with endangered species will have an incentive to tag animals for hunting is also a ...

Saiga Antelope: What Killed 90000 Endangered Animals In Kazakhstan?

The Inquisitr

Kazakh authorities have reported that roughly 90,000 saiga antelope, a full third of the country's indigenous population of the endangered animals, ...

Hunting in Kentucky: 3 Animals Designated Nongame, Endangered, Threatened, and Protected ...


Hunting in Kentucky requires being aware of those animals who are listed on either a state or federal level as protected, threatened, or endangered, ...

Police chief detained for hunting endangered animals


A police officer in Qinghai province was arrested on suspicion of hunting and killing endangered wild animals, after a whistleblower posted images of ...

Endangered species found in Devon raid

The Guardian

A Panther Chameleon at Heathrow's animal reception centre. The arrival of a 'controlled' chameleon at Heathrow last month led to the haul of ...

fighting frog disease that has wiped out 100-plus species

Brisbane Times

They combined with researchers from Seoul National University in South Korea, the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage and ...

Feds Eye Giving Endangered Status to Gulf Whale Species

ABC News

"Whenever you have a species down in their tens, it's spooky in terms of their ... The NRDC is an environmental group based in New York City that ...

One in six of world's species faces extinction due to climate change – study


One in six of the planet's species will be lost forever to extinction if world leaders fail to take action on climate change, according to a new analysis.

Strange whale call probably doesn't belong to new species


A whale call recorded by marine biologists in the frigid waters of Antarctica may belong to an entirely new species of the massive aquatic mammal, ...  

Doha: UN conference stresses grave need to combat wildlife crime

UN News Centre

13 April 2015 – With wildlife and forest crimes on the rise, yielding ... trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora (CITES), John Scanlon, also ...

Photos: The Mysterious Chinese Monkey That's 'as Endangered as the Panda'

Asia Society (blog)

In the secluded mountain forests of Southern China resides a rare species of snub-nosed monkey that was barely known to the outside world until ...

Jurassic Park in real life: The race to modify the DNA of endangered animals and resurrect extinct ...

The Independent

Jurassic Park has a lot to answer for. It made the idea seem so simple. Take the DNA from a microscopic drop of dinosaur blood, preserved for 65 ...

Deadline delayed for granting pacific fisher Endangered Species protection

YREKA, Calif. -- Federal biologists have pushed back the deadline for deciding whether to grant Endangered Species Act protection to the Pacific ...

Value of endangered bumblebees weighed in VT

There are precious few — if any — rusty-patch bumblebees left in Vermont to benefit from its weeks-old protection as an endangered species. Ditto for ...

Endangered baby crocs fly to Cuba from Sweden


Cuban crocodiles born at the zoo at Skansen, Stockholm, are being flown to Cuba, to help the country's efforts to re-establish the species in the wild.

Genetic map of endangered mountain gorillas revealed

Daily Mail

Scientists have sequenced whole genomes from mountain gorillas for the first time in a huge boost to conservation efforts for the endangered primates ...

Garden centres urged to drop bug killer to protect bees

The Guardian

Honey bees that produce raw wildflower honey work in their hive. Photograph: PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images. Press Association. Thursday 9 ...

The bilby, our Easter mascot, struggling to survive


The bilby is Australia's Easter mascot and part of Indigenous Australia's dreamtime heritage. But numbers of this desert-dwelling marsupial are ...

Ukraine Today

Endangered animals make comeback in Alaska

Ukraine Today

The endangered animals last week followed snowmobiles and made their way to their new home in meadows of the Lower Innoko and Yukon Rivers.

Saving the mighty and endangered mahseer

Forbes India

But the reverence the mahseer has garnered has failed to keep it off lists of endangered animals. The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of ...

WATCH Endangered Sea Turtles Returned to Florida Waters

ABC Action News

According to SeaWorld, their animal rescue team returned the juvenile Kemp's ridley sea turtles on April 1, 2015 to Florida waters at Canaveral ...

Bat species listed as threatened, offering new federal protection

The federal government said Wednesday that it is listing the northern long-eared bat as threatened, giving new protections to a species that has been ...

Endangered Orca Species Survives...Barely


Orca whales are very majestic animals, and they are also very well known for ... The Orca whale has long been in an endangered status, and marine ..

New York Times

In Vietnam, Rampant Wildlife Smuggling Prompts Little Concern

New York Times

“Now, the animals are so few that most hunters are changing their jobs.” ... tiger in Vietnam and 190 endangered black pond turtles in Singapore.

Pick the Winner: 32 Endangered Animals Face Off in March Sadness Bracket


Then you'll want to participate in ClimateProgress' March Sadness: A Bracket Battle of Cute Animals, now underway. Thirty-two animals threatened by ...

Endangered butterflies get helping hand from Skyuka students

Chattanooga Times Free Press

Thousands of endangered monarch butterflies migrate through the southeastern United States each year. They depart from a mountain in Mexico and ...

Sexual mutations in deep-sea fish linked to human pollution: Oregon environment news

The testicle from a male trout which contains a developing egg is an example of "intersex" conditions that can result from pollution. ((Image courtesy of ...

Lawsuit Launched to Speed Recovery of Imperiled Flatwoods Salamanders Found Only in Georgia ...

Center for Biological Diversity (press release)

Although these salamanders have been protected under the Endangered Species Act for more than 15 years, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has ...

Tasmania's swift parrot in danger of extinction, calls to list the bird as critically endangered

Yahoo7 News

"The Federal Government currently recognises the swift parrot as being endangered, it clearly needs to be up-listed to critically endangered, and a ...

Fears for endangered numbats in Wheatbelt

WA today

One of the state's remaining numbat colonies may be under threat if a collective of Wheatbelt shires gets approval to site a rubbish dump close to the ...

California Scientist Says Marijuana Farms Are Hurting Endangered Species


A California Department of Fish and Wildlife scientist found marijuana cultivation sites in Northern California are making it tough for some endangered ...

Utah prairie dog plan approved

Deseret News

Placing the prairie dogs on public land should speed their recovery and give them a better chance of being removed from the federal Endangered ...

Court: Endangered Selkirk caribou critical habitat must be revisted

The Spokesman Review (blog)

ENDANGERED SPECIES -- In response to a lawsuit from a coalition of six conservation organizations, a federal court on Monday ordered the U.S. ...

Animals That Could Become Extinct in Your Lifetime: Photos

Discovery News

The study, published in the journal Current Biology, found that these animals have a low chance of survival now in both the wild and in captivity, ...

Corps delays Toutle River sediment study due to endangered salmon

Longview Daily News

“Because these are endangered species fish, we need to get a biological opinion from NOAA Fisheries,” Cowlitz-Toutle project manager for the corps ...

Oregon Zoo, Washington biologists aid endangered butterfly species with release of hundreds of ...

Rouse and release -- that's what Oregon Zoo staff and Washington state biologists have done with hundreds of juvenile endangered butterflies.

State May Classify Five Bat Species As Endangered

CBS Local

(AP) — A deadly fungal disease is prompting the state to recommend classifying five of Connecticut's eight native bat species as endangered, ...

The Clean-Energy Project That Could Harm Endangered Killer Whales


... power turbines, the area is already critical habitat for northern resident killer whales, which are listed as endangered by the Canadian government.

A Crying Baby Orangutan Named Budi Highlights Indonesia's Exotic Pet Problem


While it is illegal to keep orangutans as pets in both Indonesia and under the the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, the ...

Alaska prepares for wood bison return after a century

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Alaska wildlife officials are preparing to ... officials and exempt from certain restrictions in the Endangered Species Act.

Ocelot photographed on mine site's doorstep

Arizona Daily Star

Rosemont Copper vice president Patrick Merrin said he's optimistic that the federal agencies can make decisions on endangered species and issue ...

Researchers just recently photographed this extremely cute, endangered mammal for the first time ...

Business Insider

This furry ball of cuteness is an endangered mammal closely related to rabbits and hares. ... Only 29 of these individual animals have been seen alive.

US agency: Keep threatened status for green sea turtles

U.S. News & World Report

The Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs said at the time of its petition that delisting Hawaii's turtles would return management of the animals to the ...

Hummingbird, thought extinct, rediscovered in Colombia

CBS News

Some 50,000 indigenous people, mainly Kogi and Arhuacos, live in the area. In 2014, the journal Science identified Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta ...

Is Tourism Endangering Florida's Manatees?


The group has filed an Intent to Sue notice against the FWS accusing the agency of "violating the Endangered Species Act in its treatment of the ...

No love for endangered sea cucumbers

Deutsche Welle

Sea cucumbers feed on tiny particles, such as tiny aquatic animals or waste material, breaking them down into smaller pieces and recycling them back ...

Endangered dinner: Tiger meat, bear paws openly available in Laos

Malay Mail Online

Customers “can openly buy endangered species products” in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone on the border between Laos, Myanmar and ...

Endangered island fox is back from the brink after record-breaking recovery

Mother Nature Network

That includes the Island fox, one of the smallest canids in the world and an endangered species -- a species that nearly disappeared entirely if it ...

6063 Endangered Manatees Counted in Annual Florida Survey

ABC News

Critics of current boating and fishing restrictions in waters popular with manatees have petitioned the federal government to upgrade the animals' ...

giant Ecuadoran tortoise reproducing in wild for first time in 100 years

Fox News Latino

Endangered giant Ecuadoran tortoise reproducing in wild for first time in 100 ... The rats prevented the reproduction by tortoises and other species.

Iberian Lynx Back in Spain after Forty Years


The World Wildlife Fund announced that they had tracked one of their ... some measures to help protect them and other rare and endangered animals.

Endangered species trust launches appeal to survive

Times of Malta

In the golden desert of Namibia on the way to the famous Etosha National Park, one finds the Rare and Endangered Species Trust (Rest), which has ...

Scientists cheered by birth of 6 endangered Pinzon tortoises in wild on Galapagos island

Fox News

QUITO, Ecuador – For the first time in a century, babies of the endangered Pinzon giant tortoise have been born in the wild in the Galapagos islands, ...

Bill passes to prevent moving endangered species

Salt Lake Tribune

Moving an endangered tortoise or other threatened animal could bring a jail sentence under a bill passed Wednesday by the Senate. It passed SB163 ...

33 Endangered Florida panthers killed in FY 2014, state officials say

Fox News Latino

A total of 33 Florida panthers were killed in fiscal year 2014, with 25 of the endangered animals hit by vehicles on different roads in the state, marking ...

Catalina Island Foxes No Longer Endangered, But Face New Threats

Nature World News

Then, in 1999 the Catalina Island fox population dropped from more than 1,300 to just 100 animals. In 2013 authorities counted 362 foxes, which ...

Endangered Tigers


“We also wanted to explain that the animal world we are showing has almost disappeared, and to protect it, we need to act and let people know about ...

Lawsuit seeks to keep federal program from killing wolves

Methow Valley News

A lawsuit seeking to prevent the federal Wildlife Services program from killing ... Wolves are listed as an endangered species under Washington law ...

'The Greatest Show on Earth' will soon be without elephants

... Asian elephants, the variety it uses in shows and an endangered species. ... “No other institution has done or is doing more to save this species from ...

Recovery Plan for Florida's Endangered Corals Includes Call to Cut Carbon Pollution

Center for Biological Diversity (press release)

WASHINGTON— The final federal recovery plan for elkhorn and staghorn corals near Florida and in the Caribbean includes a call for lowering carbon ...

Koala cull: 700 endangered marsupials secretly slain by Australian authorities


About 700 koalas have been covertly killed off by the Australian authorities due to overpopulation causing starvation of the animals. Australian Koala ...

Critical habitat for orcas could expand, but not soon

Islands' Sounder

If successful, the proposal would extend Endangered Species Act protection to the whales' winter foraging range off the coastline of Washington, ...

Finally, a Reason to Hope for the World's Most Endangered Marine Mammal


From the little blue macaw to the Javan tiger, many animals have vanished under our watch. The long list is poised to soon include another: the ..

Desert tortoise's potential placement on endangered species list could affect development

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will make the determination whether to place the tortoise on the endangered species list. Officials will base this ...

Mexico Acts To Save Endangered Porpoise But Is It Enough?

Tech Times

Mexico announces measures to protect tiny porpoise in the Gulf of California. The world's smallest porpoise, the vaquita, is found nowhere else on ...

Michigan DNR appeals wolf decision

Lansing State Journal

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources Friday appealed a federal court's decision to place Michigan's wolves back on the endangered ..

Third calf born to endangered killer whale population in US Pacific Northwest


The Southern Resident orcas are listed as endangered under both U.S. and Canadian law. The population has reached an almost record low this year ...

Rick Kupchella's BringMeTheNews

2 states appeal ruling that put wolves back on endangered list

Rick Kupchella's BringMeTheNews

In Minnesota – which has more wolves than either Wisconsin or Michigan – the animal is classified as threatened, while it's listed as endangered in ...

Desert tortoise's potential placement on endangered species list could affect development

Cronkite News

Species description: Adult tortoises range in length from 8 to 15 inches. ... Wild Earth Guardians, a New Mexico-based environmental organization, ...

Gray wolf returned to endangered list in Iowa and Illinois

The gray wolf has been put back on the endangered species list, and Iowa authorities said hunters should be careful because the wolf is easily ...

Feds make endangered species listing for Great Lakes wolves official

Michigan Radio

Gray wolves in the western Great Lakes region went back on the federal endangered species list last December. That's when a federal judge vacated ...

Endangered animals found living among seas of debris in the ocean

Daily Mail

Some of the most vulnerable animals on the planet are threatened by the ... Of those, 67 are on the Red List of threatened and endangered species.

Researchers Block HIV Infection In Monkeys With Artificial Protein

Slashdot Science

After successively higher injections of HIV, all four monkeys who received the compound beforehand stayed from free infection. Any potential medical ...

Controversy of killing for conservation

Deutsche Welle

So, was this a new species? It seemed unlikely given that birds are usually relatively large and rarely go undetected by enthusiastic human watchers.

Tier's turkey recovery success facing new threats

Ithaca Journal

Over-hunting and forest clearing in the late 1800s eradicated the species in New York, but turkeys were re-introduced around 1948 from a small ...

Farmers, ranchers fight attempt to put bird on endangered species list

Hutchinson News

“This is the first time that the service has listed a private land species like this ... If listed as endangered, a new set of regulations would apply, she said.

Scientists spot 2nd baby orca in endangered pod in 2 months


A scientist who tracks a group of endangered killer whales that frequents Puget Sound says he's spotted a second baby born to the pod in the past two ...

The Endangered Sea Turtle Caught in a War Zone


It's information that could help save this endangered species. The bad news is that some of these critical habitats are located off the coast of a country ...

Feds Propose Massive Expansion of Critical Habitat to Protect Endangered Whale

Maine Public Broadcasting

WASHINGTON - Federal officials are proposing a significant expansion in the critical habitat for endangered North Atlantic right whales in the ...

Jail could await people who try to move endangered species

Salt Lake Tribune

Managing lands for animals listed under the federal Endangered Species Act is very costly to Utah taxpayers and private property owners, the Orem ...

Native Americans gather in Montana to protest slaughter of Yellowstone bison

Native American activists gathered in Montana's capital on Tuesday to protest the deaths of hundreds of Yellowstone National Park bison killed this year to ease the worries of Montana ranchers about a cattle disease carried by many park buffalo.

In search of endangered whooping cranes

SW News Media

Officially, the whooping crane is an endangered species. There are several small but separate populations across the United States. This group in ...

An endangered reef, a lunar riddle and two fish on a mission

UH System Current News

Viewers are transported deep below the ocean's surface to an enchanted tropical reef hidden from mankind—Kaluoka?hina. The reef's colorful ...

State Senate urges Congress to remove gray wolves from endangered list

Michigan Radio

The state Senate is urging Congress to end endangered species protections for gray wolves in Michigan. It passed the resolution Tuesday on a mostly ...

Cats and Foxes Are Killing Off Species in Australia, Study Says

New York Times

Australia's mammals are going extinct at an unusually high rate, and a new study says the main culprits are cats and foxes brought to the continent by ...

Quesnel Dragon Lake trout endangered by koi infestation

An infestation of abandoned koi is threatening rainbow trout at Dragon Lake — a popular Quesnel fishing lake. John Brisco, a Quesnel city councillor ...

Voracious protected seals starting to overrun waters off New England

... 1982 Marine Mammal Protection Act and the 1993 Endangered Species Act, which were passed to end the decline of many species including seals, ...

Endangered monkey eaten by otters at British zoo

ABC Online

In a recent incident, an endangered... warty piglet was eaten by its father shortly after it was born. The zoo's director of conservation, Christoph Schwitzer

Captive killer whale to be added to endangered species list


MIAMI — The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will soon add Miami Seaquarium's killer whale, Lolita, to the endangered species list, ...

High-speed rail project disrupts endangered fox

Federal authorities say California's $68 billion high-speed rail project could harm the endangered San Joaquin kit fox. The Fresno Bee reports that the ...

California bullet train agency damaged habitat of endangered fox

Los Angeles Times

The San Joaquin kit fox, which is about the size of a house cat with tan fur, is considered among the most endangered animals in the state.

Nepal, India excel at tiger protection: WWF


Nepal has achieved success in conserving endangered animals, including tiger, rhino and snow leopard, with its community-based conservation ...

Ontario Government Accused of Violating Endangered Species Act

Alternatives Journal (blog)

Lawyers acting on behalf of the Ontario government told the courts last month that Ontario's endangered species legislation is now only concerned ...

High Country News: Will endangered species status help the Mexican gray wolf?

Summit Daily News

Earlier this month, one of the U.S.'s most threatened and controversial species received new protections that federal wildlife managers hope will allow ...

Tiger heavyweight' Nepal hosts anti-poaching summit

Yahoo News

Kathmandu (AFP) - Nepal's success in turning tiger-fearing villagers into their protectors has seen none of the endangered cats killed for almost three ...

Should Fla. panthers be removed from the endangered list?

NBC2 News

HENDRY COUNTY, FL - The iconic Florida Panther - the state's official animal and star of the state's 5th most popular license plate - is not endangered ...

Smallest and most endangered sea turtle found in Donegal

Irish Times

Coastwatch Ireland has confirmed identification of a tiny reptile washed up in Donegal as a Kemp's Ridley – described by National Geographic as the ...

White-nose syndrome is killing off millions of already endangered bats

people may turn up their noses upon the news that bats are endangered. Diseases such as white-nose syndrome and loss of habitat are playing key ...

This Endangered Species Act Loophole Will Let Killer of Famous Gray Wolf Escape Prosecution

Greener Ideal (blog)

Despite the massacre that has ensued since the Obama administration removed gray wolves from Endangered Species Act (ESA) protection in 2011 ...

Mexico to use drones to protect endangered porpoise

The Spokesman Review

Mexico is planning to use drones to patrol the upper Sea of Cortez to combat illegal fishing and save the endangered vaquita marina, the world's ...

Use of critically endangered medicinal plants to be phased out

The Hindu

In a few months, numerous “sought-after” ayurvedic medicines will be taken off the shelves as Karnataka Biodiversity Board (KBB) is phasing out the ...

Relocation of animals could drive some species towards extinction – study

The Guardian

The relocation of animals to make way for land development rarely ... and could be driving some species towards extinction, according to a new study.

Bulgarian customs seize 2 million endangered baby eels


SOFIA (Reuters) - Bulgarian customs officials said on Friday that had seized two million endangered European baby eels stashed in containers.

Endangered chimpanzees may experience drastic habitat loss within five years


Dramatic habitat loss by 2020 threatens the population of the planet's most endangered chimp subspecies, according to research published in BMC ...

Endangered fish show encouraging signs of life in Missouri


Joe Bonneau is a South Dakota-based threatened and endangered species section chief with the Corps. He says that while pallid sturgeon are native ...

India's Tigers May Be Rebounding, in Rare Success for Endangered Species

National Geographic

More money has been spent on tiger conservation than on preserving any other species in the world, yet wildlife biologists have been seemingly ...

Australian government seeks to opt out of protection of five shark species

The Guardian

Five species of shark were among species granted new protection. ... The government is submitting a “reservation” against three species of thresher ...

China's pandas endangered by virus

WYFF Greenville

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Endangered short-eared owls flock to Pittsburgh International Airport


When wildlife biologist Bobby Hromack helped trap and relocate four endangered owls a year ago at Pittsburgh International Airport, he didn't expect ...

Flip Side: Endangered species

The Indian Express

There are approximately 3,079 endangered species on our planet as ... The list of endangered species in India has seen some new additions.

Ted Turner ranch aims to aid endangered black-footed ferrets

Santa Fe New

The agency is working with landowners such as media mogul Ted Turner to recover the endangered species across 12 western states. (AP Photo/ ...

Texas club that auctioned hunt for endangered rhino cancels auction for elephant hunt

Fox News

The club faced international criticism last year for auctioning a permit to shoot an endangered black rhino. The rhino hunt has been postponed until the

Ted Turner Ranch Aims to Aid Endangered Black-Footed Ferrets

ABC News

Mike Phillips, executive director of the Turner Endangered Species Fund, said he understands the need for transparency and is prepared to provide ...

Two endangered monkeys die at Louisiana zoo after being left out in cold

Yahoo News

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Two monkeys belonging to a species that is critically endangered died at a Louisiana zoo after they were left out overnight ...

Zimbabwe To Host First International Research Conference On African Honeybee And Indigenous ...

Rural Reporters

... Conference On African Honeybee And Indigenous Knowledge Systems. ... is a news platform with in-depth coverage of ...

US creates more roaming room for Mexican wolves, but green groups say they'll sue

Science AAAS

Conservationists, however, say the revisions won't bring the highly endangered animals back from the brink. The Center for Biological Diversity, .

Surprise! Endangered California Condors Secretly Give Birth to Baby

Tech Times

Two endangered California condors, part of a flock so closely monitored by scientists that everything they do is watched, apparently managed to sneak ..

Deadly Virus Threatens Endangered Pandas and Tigers Alike

Nature World News

Now, with emergency measures in place, officials hope the iconic animals can weather this storm, even while conservationists warn that pandas are ..

Endangered Wild Donkey Sighted in China Near the Mongolian Border

Yibada (English Edition)

Chinese forestry police saw wild donkeys roaming the grassland near the Mongolian border. The said animals were among those included in the list ...