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Updated September 24th 2021

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Health experts urge nations to implement ambitious air pollution reduction policies

European Society of Cardiology

Professor Stephan Achenbach, President of the European Society of Cardiology said: “Air pollution is one of the most underestimated causes of heart disease ...

Bluefin tuna reveal global patterns of mercury pollution and bioavailability in the world's oceans

Our study shows that Hg accumulation rates (MARs) in BFT as a global pollution index can reveal global patterns of Hg pollution and bioavailability in the ...

New Thames tunnel will make London pollution worse, warn climate activists ... - The Guardian

The Guardian

Campaigners say Sadiq Khan's support for a four-lane road under the river is at odds with his environmental aims. Protesters in fancy dress stand ...

Serbian protesters demand more action to stop industrial pollution | Reuters


About 2000 protesters marched through Belgrade on Saturday to urge Serbia's government to do more to prevent industrial pollution, ...

Air pollution may reduce life expectancy of 40% Indians by nine years, says EPIC study

Republic World

A study by a US research group revealed that increasing air pollution is likely to reduce the average lifespan of at least 40% of Indians by more .

Air pollution from coal-fired power plants kills thousands in EU - Al Jazeera

Pollution from coal-fired power stations on the European Union's southeastern border are estimated to have caused thousands of deaths in the ...

Permian Basin ozone pollution from oil and gas could lead to lawsuit - Carlsbad Current-Argus

Carlsbad Current-Argus

... inaction on air pollution. "While the Environmental Protection Agency drags its feet, clean air and people continue to suffer," Nichols said.

Mesothelioma Victims Center Urges the Family of a Merchant Marine Sailor Who Now Has ...

Digital Journal

... mesothelioma and or lung cancer that was caused to exposure to asbestos. ... manufacturing/factory workers, pulp or paper mill workers, plumbers, ...

Congo says Angola tailings pollution kills 12, to seek compensation | Reuters


Researchers at Kinshasha University last month pointed to "huge pollution" that affected some 2 million people, killed fish and caused diarrhoea among river ...

Air pollution could knock 9 years off the life of people in India, study says - CNN International

Long-term exposure to low levels of air pollution may be linked to higher mortality - News Medical

Air pollution concentrations have fallen substantially in Europe since the 1990s, but it is unclear whether there still is a link between pollution and ill ...

CNN International

"India's capital Delhi is also highly polluted," said the study. "Residents of Delhi could see up to 10 years added to their lives if pollution were reduced to ..