Maria Coyote Bio      


Maria has her fingers on the pulse of the global environmental issues and has worked most of her adult life as an advocate for indigenous people. She has a life time of artistic achievement in the arts and music.  Maria is a defender of the environment and endangered animals.

She has lectured at high schools and Universities about spiritual topics. Added to her credits are radio interviews numbering over 25 and she has appeared in at least five television shows.

In addition to her colorful back ground, Maria has been interviewed by over fifty daily newspapers and magazines speaking about universal topics, the environment, global politics and the cyber economy. She has been on the cover of posters numerous times for her life time achievements. Award winning Swedish movie director Ulf Hultberg,s TV documentary with her was selected for the Best TV program to represented Sweden during UNESCO's Year of the Youth 1985. 

In 1989 Maria invited members of the Environmental Party at the Swedish Parliament to a gathering at a water tower in Stockholm. Among them one of the founders of the party Anna Horn af Rantzien and  Nobel Prize winner in Astro Physic Hannes Alfven.

Maria is not a member of any political party, she prefer to be a free untied voice.

Maria is a contemporary musician as well, her voice range 9 octaves.


D.B Journalist, USA