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Saluki * Lhasa Apso

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Blue Shiraz Salukis with the swift effortless movement. Honest breeding with respect to tradition and heritage. We have linebred for a strong healthy gene pool. We are supported by the municipality animal inspector Lars Johnsson. (now retired)

Monty and I for Allas Veckotidning

Montesuma smooth, winner of one CAC


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 Lhasa Apso

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                    Multi BIS * Multi CH Blue Shiraz Meshed            
         Febr 20, 1979  -  Aug 24, 1994
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Blue Shiraz Maya-in-Salah

Febr 20, 1979 - Nov 18, 1995

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I love you...I love you..I love yoooooouuuu

Mutual love * Humlan and Ji-Ji


6 smooth salukis went through mental test and were confirmed in 1985 - 5 were breed and owned by Blue Shiraz

The Kennel have 50 official and unofficial BOB and 6 official and unofficial Best in Show


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There is a Swedish law against breeding dogs who heritage genetic disease. Inputs exposing diseases have been taking down on three different Swedish forum for Saluki.This is against the international law for free speech. Moreover a terrible disrespect to the breed and with the purpose to hide information to new breeders and puppy buyers.

The Swedish Saluki Society don´t encourage breeders to test their breeding material for von Willebrand, CL or other autoimmune diseases, yet there are options in Sweden to have tests done! What are they afraid of?

Xcel´s All Time High "Boba" 8 1/2 months old
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Xcel´s All Time High "BOBA"

Best in Show 2

of 30 4-6 months puppies all breed at his first show May 31 2008, Ulla Inkeri Huhta`s photo HERE

Three months three weeks old

Cut from a video shot 2009-04-13. Ji-Ji to be 11 years old this summer and his young buddies Humlan and Boba

The functional Saluki - lessons from the coursing field

by Ph.D. Dan Belkin

In Memory of Veterinarian Lars Falk

Statement by Don Wieden, Sedeki kennel


 "Salukis with excellent temperament, breeding material of world class"

International judge and kennel consultant Marianne Furst Danielsson

Svensk Saluki avel begår brott mot Djurskyddslagen, stamtavlor på aktuella kullar

Swedish Saluki breeding commit crime against the Law for animal protection, pedigrees on current litters.

A twisted cord could prevent a undescended testicle to drop
Varning för antibiotika Warning for Antibiotic

Blue Shiraz Ismael reg DK l08681/96
 1995-11-16            2008-09-17

sire; Blue Shiraz Crow of Little Malsa dam; Blue Shiraz Esther Eagle Sparrow


From left to right; Jeshed "Coxy", Ji-Ji and Ismael "Masse" .Effortless moving males with a long gait. Ji-Ji has the correct slight outwards angulation of the front feet. Todays saluki viewed from the front look as they were in high heel shoes.


In the Swedish Sight-hound Magazin back in the late 1970´ is an article was published about people visiting Saudi Arabia bringing photos of their salukis. When viewed by Saudi Arabian owners of salukis they laughed, pointed at the feets with the comment "those feets are not fit for running in sand" because they point straight forward.


Congratulations Ji-Ji and Jeshed, ten years old August 30, 2009

Ji-Ji and Jeshed (Coxy) are teasing their sister Jasmin March 21th 2008

Masse 12 years old relax after a carrot birthday cake, he is clever and know how to open the oven, freezer and all kinds of locks.



Wellknown BIS Swedish Champion Blue Shiraz Brahma

sire; BIS Multi CH Blue Shiraz Meshed   dam; Blue Shiraz Appa-Te-Ke, res. CAC

Below from the left;

Meshed, Ah-Ho-Appa, Appa-Te-Ke, Sedeki Malsa, Montesuma and Maya-in-Salah

Read about them on their own pages below

photo Maria

Ji-Ji, Jeshed and Jasmin

9 year old Ji Ji, Jasmin and Jeshed September 2007


Ji-Ji June 2007 photo Maria Ji-Ji portrait here

J - litter, as the saluki was when to Europe in the 1920´s except for Jeshed who is of true desert type

sire; Blue Shiraz Flaming Crow of Seba dam; Blue Shiraz Grace

Ji Ji fullfigure here Grace sister Gloria here

above ; Ji Ji in the sun, he is as dark brown as on the photos above

Ji-Ji, a beautiful masculine swift moving male, intelligent, with a stabel and lovely temperament. Very noble and caressing to Blue Shiraz Ismael 12 years, 6 months old, his litter brother Jeshed, his sister Jasmin and our new family member "Boba". The video on Ji-Ji is delayed. Ji-Ji is not yet shown.

 Wellknown European bredeer of saluki about Ji-Ji;

 "To me as a breeder known to have a keen eye for the breed, I am most impressed to meet a true great quality old fashion saluki. Before the time, that we breeders got lost in soundness, before the time we got lost in elegance and exaggerations.This deep warm chocolate dog, with the breed typical grace, hardly pronounced stop in the head, long scalp and yet with strong under jaw, long elegant but masculine neck, great laid back shoulders, bent of wrist pasterns, great tuck up and top line showing flexibility kept amazing me more and more in every breed detail, which seems lost in now a days stock. Amazing, breed typical functional bent of the knees and use of them, showing balance in every way, from first tie and second tie, nice low hooks, great dept of chest, indeed a dream of our ancient old Saluki, still to be found in this dog Ji-Ji, reality and present in Sweden. I can't find a single item in him to fault, a really honor to have been able to see his beauty and nothing else than my compliments to his breeder."


The litter brothers Ji-Ji and Jeshed are very close

both with excellent under jaws

  Jasmin June 2007, of very old sound typ, photo Maria

Jasmin was put down to sleep on January 2th, 2009

August 30, 1998 - January 2th, 2009

J - litter as the saluki was when to Europe in the 1920´s except for Jeshed who is of true desert type

sire; Blue Shiraz Flaming Crow of Seba dam; Blue Shiraz Grace

A lovely Saluki lady with the swift effortless hindaction typical for Blue Shiraz

Jasmin is nine year old , has never been mated and is not going to be mated.

Photo on Jasmin, Jeshed and Ji-Ji copyright Maria



Jeshed Photo Maria, September 30, 2007

J - litter as the saluki was when to Europe in the 1920´s

A beautiful male with well laid back shoulders and long well angulated upperarm

Enormous hindaction, very swift longdistance mover, its a joy to watch

"Coxy" has a very nice temperament


Jeshed and Jasmin 

Jasmin, Jeshed and Ji-Ji

"Masse" Blue Shiraz Ismael was infected with borrelia by a tick bite at the age of ten, he

came through and is having his 12th birthday on November 16th 2007

Photo summer 2007


photo and copyright Maria, 1995

Blue Shiraz Sidharta

Grand father of Ji-Ji, Jeshed and Jasmin, Snobben´s daughter Gloria here

sire, Blue Shiraz Cree Jonathan CC, res CC dam; Blue Shiraz Brahmina

sister of SUCH Blue Shiraz Brahma

Blue Shiraz Savannah

sire; Blue Shiraz Comanche dam; Blue Shiraz Bip

BOB * Group 4

Blue Shiraz have a strong gen pool, we have consolidate our breeding back on Sedeki Malsa, a bitch with a powerful immune defense. In 1980 we had 6 salukis, 5 were infected by parvo. We  lost Shaykh Shiraz in the virus. Sedeki Malsa was not infected, not a sign of sickness and with her as our foundation bitch our breeding is producing healthy salukis free from autoimmune diseases.


Brott mot paragraf 12,s andra punkt ger straffpåföljd.

" 2. avel med sådan inriktning som kan medföra lidande för djuren eller påverka djurens naturliga beteenden."

 "med sådan inriktning" innefattas även där det bevisligen har förekommit /förekommer htt ärftliga sjukdomar som CL/hjärnförtvining och inga åtgärder har vidtagits för att ta föräldradjur/syskon eller avkomma ur avel.

Hamadans Benjamin lämnade på Hamahdans kennel Cebastian och Colman som båda fick CL enligt kennels innehavare och konstaterat vid obduktion. Benjamin ligger bakom och linjeavlas på hos svenska kennlar. CL nedärves till båda könen. Läs mer här

Maria Kroman

med stöd av svensk lag och juridisk exptertis

2007 - 12 - 01


Enligt 2 § i Djurskyddsmydighetens föreskrifter L 102, (DFS 2004:18) får djur som nedärver missbildning eller andra egenskaper, som medför lidande för avkomman eller negativt påverkar avkommans naturliga funktioner, inte användas i avel.

Ett djur får inte heller användas i avel om det nedärver disposition för hög frekvens allvarliga sjukdomsfall eller förlossningssvårigheter eller om det saknar förmåga att föröka sig på ett naturligt sätt. Denna bestämmelse har tillkommit för att följa de rekommendationer som Europarådets konvention om djurskydd för sällskapsdjur antagit.


Enligt Europarådets konvention ska hänsyn tas till anatomiska, fysiologiska och beteendemässiga egenskaper som kan äventyra antingen avkommans eller moderns hälsa och välbefinnande. Avsikten med paragrafen är bland annat att ge stöd för de bekämpningsprogram mot ärftliga defekter som i dag genomförs inom många rasklubbar.

En hund som behandlats för autoimmun sjukdom och till synes ej visar sjukdoms symptom efter behandling, har sjukdomen liggande latent och skall givitvis inte användas i avel.

A dog treated for autoimmune disease and not showing any symptoms after medical treatment, still has the disease latent and should not be used for breeding.

Observera; Hos en äldre hund finns en naturligt ökad förekomst av lipofucin, alltså ej att förväxla med Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis.




Observe; Older dogs have an increasing amount of lipofuscin, not to be mistaken for Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis.


Blue Shiraz Salukis var och är fria från CL, autoimmuna sjukdomar samt von Willebrand

Blue Shiraz Salukis were and are free from CL, autoimmune diseases and

von Willebrand

Observe! It takes ONE parent who is a carrier of von Willebrand

category 1 to forward it to offspring.

Observera! Det räcker att EN förälder är bärare av von Willebrand

kategori 1 för att ge sjuk avkomma.

If you choose a Saluki puppy from Sweden, Finland and Norway, demand it is tested and free from Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (brain vanishing) and von Willebrand (bleeders) OBSERVE both male and female are carriers and both gender can develope the disease.

Om du väljer att köpa en Saluki valp från en svensk, finsk eller norsk uppfödare, kräv att den och dess föräldrar är testade och fria från Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis (hjärnförtvining) och från vonWillebrand (blödarsjuka) Observera att både hane och tik är bärare och båda könen kan utveckla sjukdomen.

 *Emotser att ägare av individ inom Saluki som är i avel i dag och är i nedstigande led från avelshund eller tik som lämnat avkomma med CL eller vars syskon lämnat avkomma med CL låter testa avelshund eller tik för CL samt upplyser valpköpare om att deras hund kan vara bärare av CL.*

Blue Shiraz Brahma and his son Blue Shiraz Dakar, owner Blue Shiraz, were both used at a Swedish kennel where they gave excellent type of offspring and the breeder for the first time a runner up breeders group at Skokloster, (sired by Brahma and Dakar).

What the breeder and owner of the bitch mated to Blue Shiraz Dakar did not tell; a brother of the bitch was under veterinarian treatment for autoimmune disease ( incurable) during the same time period she used Dakar.

It is with deepest sadness that the breeder later used a stud dog breed by a Swedish kennel where CL has been confirmed (brain vanishing disease) to Blue Shiraz offspring. We do not want to have our healthy bloodline mixed with lines carrying any kind of hereditery disease. Our line was and is utterly needed for breeders who preserve healthy salukis.

The breeder mentioned above is in the situation she has to blood test future offspring if she is foolish to breed on any of them, and to inform the puppy buyers in Sweden and other countries. I am looking forward to she is honest to do that ! Where is the respect to heritage and tradition?

I have worked hard for the Saluki health, appreciated by veterinarian Lars Falk and the animal inspector. The Saluki is high risk to be destroyed due to lack of respect and responsibility to the breed.

The Norwegian English Setter Club has set up a list with stud dogs free from CL, no other stud dogs or female than on the list, tested and free from CL may be used. I am looking forward to that the Swedish Saluki Club is doing the same with no delay and with respect to the Saluki, with a hard control the problem could be solved in a few years.

The desert type of Saluki is already among endangered animals.

 Maria, Blue Shiraz 2007-06-16

Canine von Willebrand's Disease

Excellent information on vWD >>>

 Klicka här för nedanstående text i svart mot vit bakgrund

 Blue Shiraz Salukis are free from and have not show any signs of the diseases below;

Blue Shiraz Salukis är fria från och har ej visat symptom på de sjukdomar som är nämnda nedan;

Anesthetic Idiosyncrasy, Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia, Behavioral Abnormalities, Cataract, Corneal dystrophy, Detached Retina Entropion, Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, Persistent Pupillary Membrane, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Retinal Dysplasia, Thrombocytopenia, von Willebrands Disease

 Following are health screenings often performed on breeding Saluki adults; choosing a puppy from a breeder who tests parents for health can help avoid future health problems in your puppy:

CERF Screening (Canine Eye Research Foundation)

Hip Dysplasia (OFA or PennHIP)

Thyroid Function Test (blood test)

vonWillebrand's Disease (vWD) (factor antigen test)

Material from;   (kopiera och klistra länken i adressfältet)

OBS! En individ kan vara bärare men ej själv visa tecken på CL. Den kan dock få avkommasom ger CL om den paras med en bärare.

Arvsgången är recessiv, hanhund och tik måste båda vara bärare för att få sjuk avkomma, paras två bärare blir 25% sjuka, 50% bärare och 25% friska. Paras en bärare med en ikke bärare blir 50% av avkomman bärare. Det går alltså inte att  som en svensk uppfödare av saluki sa till mig att "spä ut sjuka blodslinjer med friskt blod så de sjuka blodet försvinner" Sunt förnuft och ansvar lyser med sin frånvaro inom svensk saluki avel. Inom Engelsk setter slutade man avla på avkommor till avelshundar som gav CL. Syskon till bärare togs ur avel. Ett effektivt bekämpningsprogram pågår fortlöpande. Inom salukiavel fortsätter uppfödare att avla på blodslinjer där CL förekommit/förekommer.

Maria Coyote 2007-06-06

Länken visar arvsgång för CL.


BIS*BIR*BOS* SUCH Blue Shiraz Ah-Ho-Appa mother of the C and D litter

whole figure here  


Blue Shiraz Salukis * Pedigrees and Photos

We continue to update the list
Shaykh Shiraz smooth
Sedeki Malsa
Blue Shiraz Meshed  smooth
Blue Shiraz Cree Jonathan feathered
Blue Shiraz Montesuma smooth
Blue Shiraz Drums feathered
Blue Shiraz Maya-in-Salah smooth
Blue Shiraz Damascus feathered
Blue Shiraz Ah-Ho-Appa feathered
Blue Shiraz Dakar feathered
Blue Shiraz Appa-Te-Ke smooth
Blue Shiraz Demavand feathered
Blue Shiraz Brahma feathered
Blue Shiraz Sahara smooth
Blue Shiraz Baba smooth
Blue Shiraz Gloria and Isfahan
Blue Shiraz Bat-Seba smooth
Blue Shiraz B- Litter
Blue Shiraz Chippewa smooth
Blue Shiraz Bat-Seba ring jumping
Blue Shiraz Crow of Little Malsa feathered
Sedeki Malsa BEST in SHOW mom
Blue Shiraz Cia-Ah-Appa feathered
Pedigree J-Litter
Blue Shiraz Cherokee Appa feathered

Blue Shiraz have breed 6 dark chocolate brown Salukies

Belowe is Blue Shiraz Maya in Salah, she passed away naturally

at the age of 16 years, 9 months and 28 days

copyright photo Maria  


Copyright all rights reserved Blue Shiraz