Updated  January 2th, 2009

I was right about hidden faults at Forsmark Nuclear Plant. Hidden faults were confirmed in 2008

Jag fick rätt angående dolda fel hos Forsmark Kärnkraftsverk. Dolda fel besannades 2008.

                                             Scandal Forsmark

                                    Updated August 5, 2006,  12.28 PM West European time

                           Ohmny News, Korea says Forsmark was 7 minutes from a meltdown

                           Enligt Koreansk press var Forsmark 7 minuter från en härdsmälta


Do not open any of the closed down reactors again. My intuition tells me there are problems the staff at Forsmark does not get the grip on (hidden). Call in international expertise. The Swedish Government

reported the disaster to IAEA, but shocking they did not ask them for assistance.

Typical for our government to play the role of one without faults.


Öppna inte de stängda reaktorerna igen. Min intuition säger att problemen finns där som ”dolda”. Inkalla internationella experter!

Svenska myndigheter rapporterade Forsmark “incidenten” till

IAEA, FN i Geneve, men chockerande att de inte bad IAEA om assistans. Typiskt för vår regering att spela rollen av att vara felfri.


My predictions/intuition has been verified multiple times.

Maria Coyote, August 5, 2006


The security at Forsmark Nuclear Plant informed authorities first 24 hours after the reactor was as close as 30 minutes to a nuclear disaster.

Sweden´s Environmental minister is by her today’s statement on the evening news proven incompetent for her duty. Instead of  to  immediately give a reprimand to them in charge at Forsmark for ignorance of what could have gone out of hand, the minister is going to take up to discussion what to do. THAT IS INCOMPENTENT AND OUT OF COMMON SENSE.


Maria Coyote August 2th, 2006