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From September 17th, 2006 Sweden has a new prime minister, the Social Democrats was voted out


June 24, 2006, I had the following column about the world's most polluted waters

The Baltic Sea


Sweden’s Prime minister Göran Persson is not concerned enough about environmental issues, first next year he says, there will be a gathering on how to save the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea is earth’s most polluted water. If Göran Persson, as he says, is concerned about the future for the next generations, he should with no delay focus on environmental issues and put them priority, there are NO excuses for not doing so! May I ask for more compassion!

If a child runs out into the street risking being hit by a car, common sense immediately makes you do what ever it takes to rescue it from being wounded.

The same common sense should act also to things that is hidden under the surface and you know exist and is destroying natural resources for survival for all mammals on earth.


Maria Coyote


This is what has happened so far;


Some week after my input a positive turn came from the Parliament when the Minister for the Environment states to use buoyant/fluid detergent with no content of phosphor instead of detergent powder.

The countries around the Baltic Sea lack the required economic resources it takes for decontamination of pollution of air, land and sea.

EU therefore should put in economic resources needed for providing immediate help to these countries. Pollution does not make a halt

at the boarder, pollution effect us all.

This mean EU got to re-arrange economic disposals and to do this with though of the next generations in mind.


Maria Coyote 2006-07-13



Today on the Swedish National Day June 6th, just a short reminder;


In no other country in the world are women discriminated as here when showing signs of stroke or heart infarct. Medics at emergency hospitals are committing crime against the Human Rights when not taking a blood sample on women with signs of infarcts and not giving her the same fast treatment as they offer men. Women are having other symptoms on infarcts and strokes than men! Men are given higher priority than women. THAT IS A FACT!


If you who are a medic working at a hospital or a health centre are discriminating women with signs of having a stroke, I do encourage the woman or her family or friends to report you for crime against our Human Rights for not giving her the same emergency help you give  to men.


Maria Coyote