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Updated August 31, 2015

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Obama's Arctic Trip Comes as Climate Change Builds as 2016 Issue

Wall Street Journal

Democrats are particularly convinced human behavior is driving climate change, emboldening Hillary Clinton and her primary rivals to prescribe more ...

India's climate pledge 'critically important', says UN climate chief | Environment | The Guardian

The Guardian

Instead, it has suggested that it may make two climate pledges: one that can be achieved with domestic resources, and another that would be possible ...

 A group of Nobel Laureates have signed a declaration calling for urgent action on climate change ...


In 1955, partly out of urgency and partly out of guilt, a group of 52 Nobel Laureates signed a declaration on Mainau Island in Germany calling for an ...

Jeb Bush fumbles for "moderate" stance on climate, falls on face


If the public or journalists cared as much about climate change as they do about the Iraq War, they'd take note of a series of Bush comments on that ...

California Drought: Billions at Stake as Farmland Dries Up

NBC News

California's farm economy is losing billions of dollars every year of the drought, but land and jobs are also drying up like never before.

California Imposes Unprecedented Statewide Water Restrictions

In a historic move, California is ordering water use to be slashed by 25 percent across the state to deal with a drought that just won't quit. With more ...

California Drought Is Worsened by Global Warming, Scientists Say

New York Times

The severe California drought that has led the state to order cutbacks in water use may not have been set off by climate change, scientists say, but ...

Some Republicans Step Back From GOP Climate Change Wrecking Ball

Huffington Post

Seven Republicans joined all Senate Democrats in voting to tie climate change to national security and call for action to cut carbon pollution and ...

UK's coastal railways vulnerable to climate threat, expert warns

The Guardian

Hundreds of miles of railway lines around Britain's coast are becoming increasingly vulnerable to waves, landslides and storms triggered by climate ..

Top China weather expert warns on climate change

Business Insider

Beijing (AFP) - China's top weather official has issued a stark warning on climate change, saying that rising temperatures could have "huge impacts" ...

Megadrought Risk Growing For United States, Climate Models Show | The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

The map at the top of this page shows the findings of several climate models when studying the future of soil moisture, according to NASA's Earth ...

Cato Institute refuses to cooperate with Senate Democrats' climate-research probe

Washington Times

A binder containing climate change talking points and information for Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, sits on a desk before a meeting of the Senate ...

How an Uncommon Mineral Can Reduce the Climate Impact of an Eruption


Volcanic eruptions can be some of the most significant agents for affecting the Earth's climate. Eruptions send ash, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, ...

Feds Direct $8 Million To Native Communities To Address Effects Of Climate Change

Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Department of the Interior is directing $8 million to helping Native American communities address the effects of climate ...

The CIA asked me about controlling the climate – this is why we should worry

The Guardian

Geoengineering has many risks, and we don't yet know the CIA's intentions. But given the lack of political will on climate change, we have to look at it.

Cyclone Lam: Indigenous communities evacuated as category three storm intensifies PRIME7


... have become temporary cyclone shelters in remote Indigenous communities ahead of the arrival of the category three Cyclone Lam, ... More News ...

Extreme Thunderstorms Might Be Making Climate Change Worse


That's putting the Andean staple at grave risk - signaling the potential for famine and the unraveling of folkloric customs in indigenous communities ...

Nutrition pyramid pulled into politics of global warming

Arkansas Online

Nutrition pyramid pulled into politics of global warming. By Evan Halper Tribune News Service. WASHINGTON -- The political clash over climate ...

Scientists say warm 2014 proves 'undeniable fact' of climate change: Oregon environment roundup

Ted Sickinger, part of the investigative team at The Oregonian/Oregonlive has dug deep into the environmental risks with the massive project.

Pope Francis declares war on climate change, other religions follow


Religion has rarely been a major influence in the fight against climate change, but that's about to change as major religious figures and organizations ..

The Seven Surprise Republicans to Watch If You Care About Climate Change

National Journal

At the highest-profile posts, the GOP climate positions are basically set in stone. The famously climate change-denying James Inhofe is taking control ...

2015: the most crucial year for decades in the climate battle

The well-known one is the attempt, at December's Paris summit, to reach a new agreement on climate change, billed as the world's last chance to ...

A Peoples Climate Movement Indigenous, Labor, Faith Groups Prepare for Historic March


You give get on this canalize info around warlike bomb such as bombers and shielded aircraft and chief traveling interest, personnel vehicles ...

Raid on Peru village by uncontacted tribe may be related to climate change

Al Jazeera America

Climate change may be forcing increasingly large groups of uncontacted tribes out of Peru's Amazon, officials said as advocates for the tribes reported ...

Flood, drought risks must be managed, with or without climate change

Los Angeles Times

In one case a major metropolis was flooded within hours, leaving thousands homeless, millions without power, transportation and businesses shut ..

Shrinking ship bubbles 'could counteract climate change'

BBC News

Getting ships to generate smaller bubbles as they sail across the oceans could counteract the impact of climate change, a study suggests. Scientists ...

Why the Lima Climate Talks Sucked for Women and Indigenous People


Why the Lima Climate Talks Sucked for Women and Indigenous People ... Just a month before, on Oct. 13, the BBC news reported that, “Natural gas ...

Video: It Only Takes 60 Seconds to Refute Every Obnoxious Climate Denier You Know

Mother Jones The U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the U.K. Royal Society have teamed up to produce this beautiful animation about the basics of climate ...

STATEMENT: WRI Responds to Secretary Kerry's Speech at Lima Climate Talks

World Resources Institute This afternoon Secretary John Kerry made a speech at the UN climate summit in Lima, Peru. Following is a statement from Jennifer Morgan, Global ...

Ignoring Indigenous Rights in Amazon Fuels Global Warming

Indigenous territories and protected natural areas across nine South ... Published: December 7, 2014 | Authors: BullHorn | BullHorn | News Report.

UN: Climate Change Costs to Poor Underestimated

ABC News

Climate change impacts, including rising sea levels, shifts in rainfall patterns and more intense heat waves, affect all countries but the latter aren't well ...

Climate Change Affecting Large Number of Land Mammals


Changing climates are negatively affecting a wide array of mammals, both small and large, although body size is a factor in predicting how an animal ...

Glaciologists fight climate change in India and Peru

Melting glaciers may have dramatic consequences, especially for people living in the valleys of the Andes and the Himalayas. To help analyse future ...

California Cities Slap 'Climate Change' Warning Labels on Gas Pumps

Breitbart News

SANTA MONICA, California -- The Santa Monica City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to consider requiring warning labels on all gas pumps to ...

How Your Death Affects Climate Change

Huffington Post

Conventional burials contribute to climate change in a number of ways. Although embalming slows the decomposition process, it does not stop it ...

The New Republic

If You Care About the Future of the Planet, the Next Two Weeks Matter

The New Republic

Next year's international climate change conference in Paris represents the best shot for securing a global agreement on cutting carbon ...

Climate change means 2014 could be warmest year ever - but London can cope

Meanwhile London has been named as one of the cities best prepared to deal with the impact of climate change, having developed a range of ...

Indigenous Women Affected by Climate Change

Prensa Latina

... and adaptation of a strategy that will actively involves communities and indigenous peoples, particularly the women,that are those mostly affected.

Here's What Climate Change Could Do to Honey Bees


One of the causes is parasites, and, according to a new study from Queen's University Belfast, climate change may help to drive one of the more ...

China urges consensus on new climate change pact

BEIJING, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- China hopes the Lima Climate Change Conference can reach consensus on key elements of a new deal on carbon ...

Climate change and the decline of the polar bear: Scharper

Toronto Star

Climate change and the decline of the polar bear: Scharper ... annually by century's end owing to climate change, spurring starvation and reproductive ...

Global Warming: NASA's Own Scientist Says Climate Change is Bogus

NASA is considered a leading authority on the science of anthropogenic global warming, and the space agency employs numerous experts in the field ...

Scientists say climate change means sicker world for marine life

Sydney Morning Herald

Scientists say climate change means sicker world for marine life ... of how much climate change may one day influence the spread of marine diseases.

One year to save the planet from climate change disaster, Ed Davey warns

The talks follow the publication earlier this month of a major report from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which warned the ...

UN Again Takes Aim at Climate-Change Accord

LIMA, Peru — Energized by new targets set by China and the United States, the world's top climate polluters, U.N. global warming talks resume ...

Devil to be in the detail at Lima UN climate talks

Sydney Morning Herald

Politically sidelined since a 2009 UN summit almost ended in a bust-up, climate change has resurfaced as a priority but faces a brutal test at talks ...

Obama's bold climate change policies may end with his term

Washington Times

There is also a chance that the president's climate change actions won't survive even that long. Republicans have vowed to fight the deal tooth and ...

Risk from extreme weather set to rise

BBC News

Climate change and population growth will hugely increase the risk to people from extreme weather, a report says. The Royal Society warns that the ...

Report examines climate change risks for human populations

Medical News Today

The new report warns that climate change could increase the number of heatwave exposure events people over 65 experience by three times by the ...

Bee parasite will flourish under global warming, study warns

The Guardian

Honey bee colonies will decline as a gut parasites flourishes under global warming, research suggests. Photograph: Owen Humphreys/PA.

Bristol scientist says he's 'terrified' of technology developed to stop global warming

Daily Mail

A climate scientist has said he is 'terrified' of the futuristic technologies he is helping to develop in a bid to slow global warming. British academics ...

17 Shocking Photos That Show How Global Warming Is Everywher...

Business Insider

Concerns over global climate change have never been higher — and with good reason. For decades, scientists have been watching warming-related ...

Climate 101: How global warming is making heat waves and precipitation more extreme

Should the US Take Unilateral Action on Climate Policy?

Wall Street Journal

Scientists generally agree that climate change is a real problem, exacerbated by the burning of oil, natural gas and coal. But, for better or worse, ...

The Age

Julie Bishop says Barack Obama wrong about climate change threat to Great Barrier Reef

The Age

Australia's leading coral reef scientists say Julie Bishop's remark that the Great Barrier Reef is not in danger from climate change flies in the face of ...

Fox News

US voters view climate change at 'hyperlocal' level: Dem donor


WASHINGTON Nov 19 (Reuters) - Climate change resonates with voters more on a local than a national level, billionaire hedge fund trader turned ...

White House offers climate change help to US cities

Yahoo News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - After announcing two major global initiatives on climate change last week, the Obama administration pivoted on Monday to ...

Harper says Canada will contribute to poor countries' climate change fund

The Globe and Mail

Stephen Harper said Sunday that Canada is preparing to make a contribution to a UN fund that helps poor countries cope with the impact of climate ...

G20 commits to fight climate change; Russia isolated over Ukraine

Chicago Tribune

Security and climate change overshadowed G20 talks on boosting global economic growth at the summit, although the leaders did sign off on a ...

Tony Abbott tells G20 leaders he backs coal, despite pleas on climate change

The Guardian

On Saturday the US president Barack Obama stole the G20 limelight with a hard-hitting speech demanding action on climate change. But Abbott's ...

Just 90 companies caused climate change


A recent study (Climate Change Jan. ... 1854–2010,” proves conclusively that socialists have reality on their side when it comes to climate change.

Climate Change

We Mean Business

UN Experts Call for Climate Action to Protect Human Rights ... It further called on them to recognize the adverse effects of climate change on the.

The Diplomat

China's Reality in the US-China Climate Change Deal

The Diplomat

The United States and China recently agreed to reduce carbon emissions in what has been called a landmark climate change agreement.

What the U.S.-China Climate Change Pact Is Really About


The U.S. is raising a glass in support -- even as it battles its own political identity crisis over how, or if, to fight climate change. President Barack Obama ...

White House and China set historic greenhouse emissions levels


Beijing (CNN) -- At the end of the APEC trade summit in China, U.S. President Barack Obama announced a climate change agreement with Chinese ...

Underwater 'storms' may hold key to melting Antarctic ice

Los Angeles Times

Scientists using robotic ocean gliders to wander frigid Antarctic waters say they may have discovered a mechanism behind the melting of polar ice shelves – miniature submarine "storms" that are lobbing packets of warmer water toward the continent.

IPCC report calls for action to limit health impacts of climate change

The Pharmaceutical Journal

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) confirms — with 95% certainty — that human influence on the climate is ...

Beta Wired

United Nations panel publishes climate report, and you should be scared

Beta Wired

This assessment is a wake-up call for world leaders to take urgent action on climate change, with explanations on difficult measures that the ...

Sioux Falls Argus Leader

Climate change did not cause 2013 blizzard

Sioux Falls Argus Leader

The October 2013 blizzard that devastated ranchers in western South Dakota probably was a meteorological fluke — not a result of climate change.

Will we be 'too late' addressing climate change?

The Intelligencer

Climate change can be seen as such an enemy. The judgment isn't about being late, which we are. It's about being “too late." The difference is one of ...

Kerry in Beijing on Economic Issues, Climate Change

IIP Digital

Secretary of State Kerry discusses economic development issues and climate change in remarks to an APEC luncheon in Beijing.

These are the countries most at threat from climate change

The Independent

Some of the world's poorest countries face the greatest threat from climate change – while the richest are relatively safe. This stark correlation is ...


Norway: Best prepared in world for climate change


... of Notre Dame, Indiana in the US, revealed that Norway is the envy of environmentalists everywhere when it comes to handling climate change.

Australia is 'holding back' global climate change fight

BBC News

Australia is a drag on international efforts to tackle climate change, says leading economist and former government adviser Professor Ross Garnaut.

'No Ambiguity' on Climate Change, UN Says in IPCC Report

The Weather Channel

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, left, and Chairman of the IPCC Rajendra K. Pachauri present a comprehensive report by the UN climate panel, ...

VUW to end investment in fossil fuels, because of climate change impacts (press release)

“This decision is a natural step for a university like Victoria with a leadership role in geosciences and climate change research and policy. For example ...

John Kerry mocks those who deny climate change

Himalayan Times

JAKARTA: U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday called climate change perhaps the world's "most fearsome" destructive weapon and mocked ...

Wesley Clark: Climate Change 'Behind A Lot Of The Violence In Syria'

Pat Dollard

Home » Military » Wesley Clark: Climate Change 'Behind A Lot Of The Violence In Syria'. Nov 1, 2014 No Comments ›› Jake Hammer ...

UN official: Climate change threatens global health security

Fox News Latino

The rapid propagation in recent years of infectious diseases such as malaria, Chikungunya and even Ebola is one more example of how climate ...

How and why did Global Warming get changed to Climate Change?


Climate change always seemed so generic, since our climate is always changing.

Climate change deniers threaten our country

Green Bay Press Gazette

What do you suppose climate deniers like Gov. Scott Walker, his financial angels, the Koch brothers, along with most of the Republican Party will have

Study faults insurance industry's response to climate change

Columbus Dispatch

The Ceres report said higher global temperatures from climate change are to blame for rising sea levels and more extreme weather events, including ...

UN climate change draft sees risks of irreversible damage

Climate Depot

UN climate change draft sees risks of irreversible damage. Read the Full Article. 'Opinion polls indicate many people, especially in the United States, ...

Action on Climate Change: Depleting OZONE!

New Delhi Times

In a recent rally that was organized in New York which attracted over 600,000 people on streets to protest against the changing climate demanded for ...

Business Insider

U.N. Climate Change Report Sees Risks Of Irreversible Damage

Business Insider

Climate change may have "serious, pervasive and irreversible" impacts on human society and nature, according to a draft U.N. report due for approval ...

EU climate energy deal

The Daily Star

We welcome the EU'sinitiative to cut carbon dioxide emissions and boost renewable energy ahead of next year's crucial climate change talks in Paris.

Rising Violence Linked to Climate Change

Forums -

Climate Change and Rising Violence are Linked, According to 55 Scientific Studies: According to a new review of 55 separate studies, there is a ...

Artists melt massive Greenland ice in climate change protest

The Vancouver Observer

Two Europeans artists hauled 100 tonnes of inland ice from Greenland to the Danish capital of Copenhagen, to protest the world's inaction on climate ...

New Studies, Reports Heighten Need for Action on Climate Change

Huffington Post

The study reviewed the impact of climate change on seven geographic areas of New York state in the areas of water resources, coastal zones, ...

Tallahassee still tone deaf on climate change

Sun Sentinel

It's no secret South Florida is "ground zero" for climate change impacts — especially sea-level rise. Also clear is the enormous potential to meet that ...

Hampton Roads military bases brace for climate change, sea-level rise

Daily Press

Last week, the Department of Defense released a Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap, which recognized Hampton Roads as the largest ...

Geologist seeks clues about the most rapid and dramatic climate change in Earth's history


The PETM is one of the best known examples of past climate change, on a par with the Permian-Triassic mass extinction 250

Climate Change And Rising Violence Are Linked, According To 55 Scientific Studies


According to a new review of 55 separate studies, there is a meaningful connection between climate change and human violence. The working paper ...

The University of Nottingham needs to take a stand against climate change

Impact Magazine

As of last month, The University of Glasgow made a hugely significant political statement in committing to divest completely from fossil fuel companies.

The link between environmental degradation and Ebola

Toronto Star

Today, climate change complicates the issue: most predictions (many of them already realized) suggest the changing climate will allow for the spread ...

Pentagon agrees - climate change is a clear and present danger: PennLive letters

The Patriot-News -

Last week, the Pentagon released a report saying that "climate change poses an immediate threat to national security, with increased risks from ...

Climate Change Driving Fish Species From Tropics Say Researchers


#MarineWildlife - Climate change is driving fish species away from the tropics for more hospitable, warming waters elsewhere, according to scientists ...

EU's 2030 climate change plans hit deadlock: negotiators

Business Insider

Brussels (AFP) - European Union states are deadlocked on a package of climate change targets for 2030 that they had hoped to agree at a summit ...

When Climate Change Has Already Come

Even for Americans who accept the science of climate change, the connection between .... I'm not able to change my home location and/or favorites.

Obama's Twitter Account Calls For Americans To 'Stick It To Climate Change Deniers'

CBS Local

“Deniers and deep-pocketed polluters make it pretty hard to get anything done on climate change – but here's one meaningful way you can fight them: ...

Pentagon Declares War on 'Climate Change'

Climate Depot

Read the Full Article. By: Marc Morano - Climate DepotOctober 13, 2014 10:29 AM. ...

Pentagon Unveils Plan For Military's Response To Climate Change

Slashdot News - RSS

An anonymous reader writes Rising sea levels and other effects of climate change will create major problems for America's military, including more ...

Climate Change & National Security


A discussion on how climate change impacts U.S. Armed Forces operations for both humanitarian relief efforts and armed conflicts.

Kerry to warn of global threat of climate change


BOSTON (AP) — Secretary of State John Kerry is planning to discuss the global threat of climate change after touring a Boston wind technology testing ...

California leads on climate change, says 50-state tool


California has completed the highest number of goals to prepare for climate change, followed by Massachusetts and New York, according to a ...

Preserving Mongolia's Pastures to Counter Climate Change

Asian Development Bank

“Methane is 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas,” says Carey Yeager, an ADB Climate Change Specialist. “In the case of ...

Predicted disasters from climate change may make or break the industry

Live Insurance News

Climate change is often a controversial and uncomfortable subject, but this is not necessarily the case in the insurance industry. For years, insurance ...

These 35000 Walruses Are Suffering From Climate Change

The drastic increase in resting walrus numbers is a grave concern, as it is probable that climate change is responsible. A decrease in the amount of ...

Climate Change May Kill More Than Ebola, U.K. Doctors Say


Climate change may kill many more people than the Ebola virus, a group of U.K. doctors said in a call for the World Health Organization to declare the ...

Obama, Modi Join Forces to Defeat Climate Change

Environment News Service

WASHINGTON, DC, September 30, 2014 (ENS) – India's new Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his first state visit to the White House, today agreed to ...

Climate Change's Role in Indian Pilgrim Deaths

Climate Central

When the heavens opened over several Himalayan foothill states in northern India for four cataclysmic days last summer, they rained unprecedented ...

Stop Funding Cuts to Vital Climate Change Research

Petition Site

Climate change is one of the greatest threats of our time. As we continue to pump unprecedented levels of carbon into our atmosphere, the negative ...

The New York Times: A Group Shout on Climate Change

Global Solution Networks

Climate Change Week – did anything happen? According to the New York Times, bringing climate change back onto the radar in advance of the ...

Climate change could temporarily make Alaska the new Florida

The Verge

Without coordinated global action, climate change will inevitably render places across the world uninhabitable. The good news: maybe Alaska won't ...

New York Daily News

Effects of climate change could worsen public health: study

New York Daily News

Climate change isn't just worrisome for the Earth. It could also be a problem for your health, according to a new 20-year study in the Journal of the ...

Prince Charles urges action against climate change 'before it is too late'

Prince Charles, who has long been an outspoken campaigner on climate change, has made clear his frustration that more has not been done to tackle ...

30000 people in the Australian city of Melbourne rally for climate change action


A wave of global climate change demonstrations has kicked off in Melbourne and the message from the crowd of about 30,000 is clear - it's time for ...

The Irony of the Climate Change March in New York City

Michael Janzen · Michael Janzen

Protesters gathered on Sunday for the start of the People's Climate March on Central Park West in New York City. Credit Damon Winter/The New York ...

African Elephant: WWF Wildlife and Climate Change Series


This assessment is one in a series resulting from a WWF study that assesses the vulnerability of numerous species to the effects of climate change.

Leaders take note: There are two sides to the climate change coin

International Institute for Environment and Development

It is clear that the long-term solution to climate change lies in weaning the global economy off fossil fuels and onto a cleaner and more sustainable ...

White House, EPA: Regulations Will Have Minimal Impact on Climate Change

Committee on Science - U.S. House of Representatives

Washington, D.C. – Members of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology today questioned the president's science advisor, Dr. John ...

MacArthur Funds Team Bracing for Climate Change on the East Coast

Inside Philanthropy

Extreme weather events like 2012's Hurricane Sandy have focused East Coasters on the scary realities of climate change.

One group of researchers ...

Brazil building Amazon observation tower to monitor climate change impact

The Guardian

Brazil is building a giant observation tower in the heart of the Amazon to monitor climate change and its impact on the region's sensitive ecosystem, ...

Patrick Mulvaney: Climate change affects restaurant menus today

Sacramento Bee

When I read about climate change, I learn about rising sea levels and shrinking polar ice caps – problems for 100 years in the future. But when I talk to

Climate change prompts safety fear

Plymouth Herald

Increasing risk of rip tides have prompted safety fears as climate change alters the landscape. It comes the week after lifeguard cover on some ...

Bruce Ritchie: Kristin Jacobs says South Florida takes climate change seriously

SaintPetersBlog (blog)

Kristin Jacobs is carrying a message to Tallahassee and the rest of the nation that South Florida residents are concerned about climate change and ...