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The Ceremony Drum is a gift of honor from Native American Indian in 2005 for; "Bravery and Civil Courage " Handmade by a Native American craftsman and painted by a Native American Shaman. One has to be brave to criticize a country as Sweden.We are loosing the respect to our next of kin.

Cermoni trumman fick jag som en ärofull gåva av en nordamerikansk indian för "Mod och Civil Kurage". Den är gjord i buffelhud av en indiansk hantverkare och handmålad av en indiansk Shaman - medicinman.



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In the service of humanity

For a safe world for the next generations. We are all connected

March 18th 2020



Update 2020-30-03, after a second thought the Government

changed the number to 50 people. Still to many!

Still the opposite to common sense.


Thank You organizations for child protection, scientists, professors, politicans, senators and workers for a better world for Your positive respons to my homepage.

"Honor to Maria, a brave human", Ralph Lundsten

Ralph Lundsten, Member of the London Diplomatic Academy. Ralph is awarded with Albert Schweitzer Medal for Science and Peace 50 Anniversary Nobel Prize of Peace and Science.


"I admire you for your commitment to indigenous people and endangered animals"

J.E. Journalist, US

Danish zoo dissects lion in front of spectators, incl children (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Free Tibet

Fédération Cynologique Internationale, the FCI organization has changed  the origin of the Tibetan breeds 
Tibetan Mastiff, Lhasa Apso, Tibetan Spaniel, Tibetan Terrier and the Shih-Tzu from Tibet to China! 
China`s  occupy of Tibet does not change the origin of Tibetan breeds! The Tibetan people are still Tibetan so 
are their dog breeds! 

Watch This Haunting Seven-Minute Film About China's Insane Air Pollution


Greenpeace East Asia today released a seven-minute film by director Jia Zhangke about China's toxic air. The impressionistic piece, Smog Journeys .

Photo; Torbjörn Calvero för Vecko-Revyn

Global Warming my quota; Earth will heal without humans

Left; Photo on the smoke from Holmen Paper Plant summer 2007 at 10.45 PM

Luftburna föroreningar från Holmens Papper i Hallstavik fotat tidig morgon kl. 04.25 den 21;de juli 2007

Smoke from Holmen Paper Mill Plant in Hallstavik, Sweden 4.25 AM July 2007

Holmen släppte år 2005 ut 82 TON luftburna föroreningar

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